3rd Annual Elliott Golf Outing

Posted on September 19, 2016


On September 19, 2016 Elliott Equipment held their 3rd Annual Golf Outing & Equipment Expo at Crow Valley Country Club in Davenport Iowa.  It was a huge success with 20 manufacturers and 70 players in attendance.  Equipment on display included CemenTech Concrete Volumetric Mixer, Harben Trailer Jet, New Way Garbage Trucks, ParKan Pickup Dumper, RST Televising Equipment, Sewer Duck Truck Jet, Global and Schwarze Street Sweepers and Super Products Camel Combination MachineRecycler. Thank you to our additional sponsors: Bayne, SSI Schaefer, I-State Truck, All-State Peterbilt, Wick’s Trucks, Labrie Enviro Group, Galfab, O’Halloran International, Swaploader, Holder Tractor, and MHC.  The day included a box lunch, followed by an awards banquet with food and drinks for all!


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